#210 - 1077 56 Street, Delta BC, V4L 2A2

Our Story

The Tsawwassen Way

We are a family-owned and operated business that believes in the importance of community. As residents of the Lower Mainland, we always enjoyed our visits to Tsawwassen growing up. Whether it was a family outing to the beach, trying new food at local restaurants or playing in sports tournaments, we always left Tsawwassen with the best memories. We relate to many of our clients and understand the importance of access to quality healthcare services in a small, tight-knit community like ours.

The Family Connection

Family is Our Foundation

Our dental clinic is co-owned by cousins Dr. Jasjyot (Jesse) Panesar and Dr. Sunny Panesar.

Dr. Jasjyot (Jesse) and Dr. Sunny’s dads are brothers who both immigrated to Canada in the early 1970s. The two brothers worked as business partners and were very close–their families even shared a home when they first moved to Canada (that’s 11 people and one dog all sharing one house!), so Dr. Sunny and Dr. Jasjyot (Jesse) learned how to cooperate and work together from a young age!

Teamwork and support are the foundation of Tsawwassen Family Dental, and that foundation comes from Dr. Jasjyot (Jesse) and Dr. Sunny’s upbringing. Their dads worked long hours so that they could provide all of their kids with top-notch education at elite universities (Dr. Jasjyot (Jesse) and Dr. Sunny both went to university in Ireland). Their mothers played a vital role in the upbringing of the kids and providing them with a supportive environment and motherly love. Their grandmother was a big influence as well and always spoiled the kids with goodies and gifts! Dr. Jasjyot (Jesse) and Dr. Sunny’s upbringing instilled them with the importance of hard work, compassion, and support, and they have brought those values to the way that they structure their business and treat their patients.

Our Mission

team hands together

Tsawwassen Family Dental is founded on the core values of teamwork, respect, honesty, integrity, and a commitment to always work to keep growing and improving.

Our mission as a company is to provide excellence in patient care and experience, bring inspiration and innovation to a healthcare setting, and to provide a high standard of company culture to our team members. In every aspect of our business, we strive to create a “WOW” experience.

Choose Tsawwassen Family Dental

If you’re looking for a dental clinic where your comfort, wellbeing, and health are always put first, come to Tsawwassen Family Dental. Our family-oriented practice provides dental care for the whole family. Book an appointment, give us a call with any questions you may have, or pop by the clinic and say hello–we’d love to see you!