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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

People who have diabetes have a unique set of oral health needs. This is because the higher blood sugar levels associated with diabetes also cause certain oral health issues, which many people are not aware of. Here are a few dental health concerns that you should be mindful of if you have diabetes.

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Periodontal Disease

If you have diabetes, you will have a higher chance of getting gingivitis or advanced gum disease because of poor blood sugar control, and gum disease, in turn, can cause blood sugar levels to rise. This means that proper oral hygiene is even more important for those who have diabetes.


Diabetes also makes you more susceptible to a fungal infection called thrush. People with thrush usually develop painful white sores inside their mouth. In order to prevent the likelihood of thrush, avoid smoking and carry out a good oral care routine every day.

Dry Mouth

Often, people with diabetes experience a lack of saliva in their mouth, which can be uncomfortable and contributes to tooth decay. To combat this, make sure that you drink lots of water and maintain a proper oral hygiene routine.


Being more susceptible to gum disease and dry mouth in turn makes you more susceptible to halitosis or bad breath. Take good care of your teeth, stay hydrated, and go for routine dental checkups to avoid this.

The best way to prevent and treat dental issues associated with diabetes is to follow your doctor’s recommendations to manage your diabetes and to go in for regular dental visits. Due to the increased risk of periodontal diseases, those with diabetes require more frequent visits to the dentist–every 3 months or so–for preventative dental hygiene and periodontal therapy. It is also essential to maintain a proper oral hygiene practice of brushing twice and flossing once every day.

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