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Getting Dental Surgery? Follow Our Pre-Surgery Tips

If you are planning to get dental surgery done soon, it is important to know how best to prepare. Your dentist will give you detailed information on your specific pre-and-post-operative care requirements, but there are a few things that you can do to prep for any dental surgery in order to make the experience more pleasant. Here are our recommendations for what you can do to get ready for your dental surgery appointment.

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Pre-Dental Surgery Tips

Get Comfortable

Wear clothing that you feel very comfortable in. Soft, loose fitting clothes and running shoes are a good idea to ensure that you’ll feel physically comfortable during your appointment–you don’t want to be in a dental chair for hours with a scratchy sweater or shoes that pinch!

Bring Some Entertainment

Bring a set of headphones or a book to read while you wait for your dental surgery. During some surgeries, you can keep your headphones on in order to block out any noise and give you something to focus on. Try listening to calming music or an episode of your favourite podcast. 

Manage Your Nerves

It is completely normal to feel anxious/nervous before a dental procedure, especially dental surgery. Allow yourself to feel those feelings without judgement and do what you can to increase relaxation before your appointment. In our waiting room, we have a quiet, calm area where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of the view and our plants. Let us know if you would like a glass of water or if we can do anything else to help set you at ease.

Use the Restroom

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget! Remember to use the restroom prior to the procedure so that you are comfortable during your appointment and not feeling the effects of a full bladder.

If you have any questions about dental surgery or would like to book an appointment, get in touch today.

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