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Do You Have to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars which typically develop in your late teens or early-to-mid twenties. They are located at the very back of the mouth on the top and bottom. You may have up to four wisdom teeth total and could need some or all of them extracted. Below are the reasons why we do wisdom teeth removal, and what to consider when thinking about your own.


Preventative Measure

By removing your wisdom teeth early in life, you’re ensuring they won’t cause you issues in the future. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing any pain or issues at this point, it can be smart to get them taken out before they become a problem. Extracting them at a younger age is also easier, as your tooth roots are not fully developed. It’s possible that your mouth may be too small to make room for them, or the teeth could be growing at an angle to other teeth. This can cause damages to those other teeth if the wisdom teeth are constantly pushing against them.


Gum Disease and Cavities

Growing in at an angle can also heighten the risk of cavities and gum disease. Being unable to easily access these teeth when brushing causes bigger problems for your mouth in the future.


Pain, Swelling, and Infection

For many people, their wisdom teeth become impacted in the jaw. This means that they are unable to emerge due to a variety of reasons. They may be blocked by other teeth in their way, or simply angled away from a vertical position. This can cause significant pain, swelling, and form infection.



Along with wisdom teeth possibly causing pain and infection, they can also cause misalignment. Straight teeth could become out of place, causing more pain and dental procedures in the future to realign.



Fluid-filled cysts can form around wisdom teeth within the jawbone. These can potentially damage the jawbone, teeth and nerves. Though rare, cysts do have the potential to develop into benign tumours, causing further complications.


Tsawwassen Family Dental

Often, you may not have symptoms warning you to remove your wisdom teeth. Even so, you should not wait until you have uncomfortable warning signs before booking an appointment. If you’re in your late teens, early-to-mid twenties, or older, it’s a good idea to talk to a dentist about how your wisdom teeth are growing in and what your best options are.

Contact us for an examination appointment, or learn more about our wisdom teeth removal process.

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